Question about VAT Compliance? RM Boulanger UK

VAT compliance means that your organisation is handling confirm the EU regulations when it comes to paying VAT in the EU member states. More specific when you sell to consumer in other countries where you are based then you have to be aware of the VAT treshold. As soon as you exceed the treshold you have to pay the VAT to government in the country you are selling in. To make it more complex every country has its own VAT treshold. But you have to go for a VAT Application in every country. This takes a lot of time and also when you have the VAT number you have to handle a lot of administrational issues every period that you have to send in your documents. So to avoid al this time consuming work you can hire an independent VAT specialist. Independent in the sence of not being related to your accountant. The work much cheaper and more effecient, because their only job in live is handling VAT issues or EORI number issues.

The biggest independent VAT specialist in Europe is RM Boulanger. This organisation is existing for more then 30 years and only handling VAT matters. The advantage when you are in touch for one country they can help you to expand to the other countries too. You have one single point of contact to help you out. So when you step into a new country you have your own contactperson in the RMB organisation that knows your company and the business you are in. They go after the specialists in their organisation to explain what you expect from them. The contactperson will report back and sometimes you a request to provide them with additional information for a specific country.

To work like this mean that you save a lot of money and time. Even when you expand to countries like Norway and Switzerland. It is easier said then done to ship goods into these countries. Especailly Switzerland is very precise when it comes to paperwork. When you want to import goods into Europe from another continent or as a non EU member, then you need to have an EORI-number. This is a unique identifier for your company which explains what business you are in, your location, contactpersons etc. You have to apply once for this number so you can bring in goods in the EU via every sea or air port.

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