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Safe passage for crew and personnel thanks to a tailor-made gangway

A gangway is the perfect way to ensure safe access of personnel and crew between ship and shore. These systems can be designed in a large variety of shapes and forms, so there is always a system that suits your specific situation. Every system from Gangway Solutions is tailor-made to fit your ship, offshore plant, or petrochemical facility perfectly. In other words, every gangway from this specialist guarantees safe passage!  

Get a bespoke safety solution with all the important features

Be ensured of a high-quality gangway by employing an expert in this area, namely Gangway Solutions. These experts have extensive experience in the design, engineering, installation, and commission of gangway solutions for various industries. Think of industries like offshore, oil & gas, and petrochemical industries. It is however important that these constructions adhere to all safety regulations and guidelines in place. Every construction from Gangway Solution adheres to national, European, and American standards. Think of Cenelec, NEC/UL-codes, and ATEX. All delivered equipment can be controlled with radiographic remote control systems with all the required classifications. Some of the features that are possible:

  • Telescopic or fixed gangway: should the gangway be permanent or not?
  • Manual or electric controls: consider its maintenance.
  • Covered or open gangway: especially useful at offshore facilities.
  • With or without lights: consider whether there is enough natural light available.

Contact the experts on safe passage for more information

Do you want an access gangway system designed, produced, and delivered to your location? Make sure to contact the experts over at Gangway Solutions to discuss all the possibilities. Guarantee safety in every situation with one of the gangways of Gangway Solutions. If you want more information about the possibilities, then make sure to contact Gangway Solutions and receive more information about this system! All contact information can be found on their website.