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Small business saturday ideas

Small business saturday ideas


1. Start a Podcast to make extra money online!

A Podcast


In one of the best online marketing books I ever read I read about podcasts. These were social media channels with a great advantage within the target audience. Podcasts would not only educate highly educated people….

 startups you can do to help a particular target audience with a particular problem, but also to help other entrepreneurs grow their network. An interesting podcast will ensure that you engage a large group of listeners who will interact with what you create.


Offering commercial opportunities and valuable call to actions


It’s great that you ended up in my article with Call To Action Examples. Call To Actions are often underestimated when people (for the first time) start working with business and direct marketing. And that .

 is required to get your listeners to take the actions you (or your partner) want them to take!

2. You can become a Game Developer / Designer / Programmer

The Gaming industry also has opportunities for smart programmers; designers and even script writers. Often these types of jobs are team-based, but you can also work remotely for many employers if you take on a specific part/task of the overall process.

3. You can start a collection channel with music / video / photos for a certain niche

Many people think that you have to start a Personal Brand AND create your own content when you want to make money online, but this is not always true. There are many examples of online media platforms / social media channels that you can start and grow without ever creating anything yourself. For example, you can buy collections of content in a particular niche and outsource that process later.


A course that teaches you this total process from A to Z is the Cash Cow Academy by Jelline Brands.

4. You Can Start a Web Store …

You can start an online store for your own products or other people’s products through dropshipping or the affiliate marketing model. This is a unique way of doing business that gives you the opportunity to put down a small amount every day towards a big project. When you keep on building your webshop(s) for years you can achieve something on your own that others would have to do with a total team.


In the long run you can also teach other online entrepreneurs how to start their own webshop. For example, you can start an online academy through the Huddle. This is what Joshua Kaats did, for example…. He started Dropshipping and after a few years was earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a month with it. From this Dropshipping Academy Webinar, he is now teaching this to other entrepreneurs….

5. You can sell products through existing platforms such as marketplace; or Amazon

You can sell your own products or Dropshipping through existing platforms such as Marktplaats; or amazon! The great thing about this is that the platforms already exist and are successful / trusted by the end customer. In other words: they believe it’s risk-free and will often automatically look for products through these platforms, which you then position using keywords and correct product descriptions.


In many cases there are also possibilities to have things like fullfilment (packing / shipping) taken out of your hands. Read this interesting book about selling products through online marketplaces or sign up for this free webinar to find out exactly how it works!


You can also apply the affiliate marketing revenue model to these platforms by creating your own online forum; online academy or website.

6. You can start a (remote) customer service business

Due to the opportunities on the internet, many online coaching communities; influencer businesses or webshops are nowadays run by an independent entrepreneur.


It’s an expensive word: Entrepreneur…. And many use it to describe themselves and their business pursuits…. Especially in the social media era… But What is an Entrepreneur? What does an Entrepreneur do?

 With a few consultants OR a small team. Often you will see vacancies or jobs come along where they ask for help with customer service.


Often this can be done from an online academy; a Telegram; Whatsapp; Facebook; Instagram or a chat function. In the worst case, also by phone, where you can still work completely location independent. Start networking


“Your Network Is Your Net-Worth” is a popular Quote among American entrepreneurs who believe that without networking you don’t make a REAL impact…. Have you ever happened to watch American TV….

 into this business and take on some jobs and before you know it you could have several people working for you and your clients!



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