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The advantages of a veranda

They say that a house is never completely finished. Nowadays, more and more people are purchasing a veranda. But what actually is a veranda? An extension of your house, perhaps? A transition space connecting the outside and inside of your house? Or a lovely shaded area for the summer? What are the biggest advantages of having a veranda? What kind of veranda should you choose? These are just some of the many questions that are coming up.

The useful advantages of having a veranda:


–        In most cases, you do not need planning permission

–        A veranda increases the value of your house

–        It is low maintenance

–        You can have your veranda custom made

The nice advantages of having a veranda:

–        Wooden verandas provide a natural transition space to the garden

–        Extra covered area to move about in

–        Lovely shaded area in the summer

–        You can enjoy the last of the sun in the autumn

–        Dry outside area for the autumn and winter

There are many nice advantages of having a veranda. Of course, it’s important to know which kind of veranda you should choose. Verandas are manufactured using various materials, such as PVC, aluminium and wood.


PVC veranda

If you have a low budget that you want to spend on your veranda, the best option is a PVC veranda. This kind of veranda is easy to maintain, but it does have its drawbacks. It is less strong and looks less authentic than a wooden veranda, for example.


Aluminium veranda

An aluminium veranda will last longer than a PVC veranda because it is much sturdier and easy to maintain. However, it does get scratched easily and the aluminium look is less well suited to classic houses.


Wooden veranda

Wood can be used for making a large veranda and it is also very easy to treat. It creates a warm look and has an insulating effect. A wooden veranda provides a nice transition space from your house to your garden and you can also choose to paint it.


If you are interested in getting a veranda, we recommend that you purchase a wooden veranda. A wooden veranda has the most advantages, which you can also read about at

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