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The best dye for your shoes!

Are you looking for high-quality shoe paint to make the discoloration of your shoes vanish and do you want to have a nice new look again? Then is leather paint from Angelus a perfect suit for you. Leather paint from Angelus is highly recommended. This leather paint is known worldwide for its excellent quality. The result of the dyed leather is elastic, waterproof and flexible, for a durable result. The Angelus acrylic leather paint is of very high quality. You can choose from a wide range with 128 normal colors and 12 neon colors. The paint is suitable for all smooth leather surfaces. This American product has excellent bond because the paint draws into the leather. It does not peel, does not break and does not fade. This professional acrylic leather paint is elastic, waterproof and scratch-resistant. In addition, this leather paint is very easy to use.

If you are looking for a shoe dye where the result cannot be distinguished from new, we can recommend this acrylic leather paint from Angelus. The advantages of the Angelus acrylic leather paint are that it is of excellent quality. It has very good adhesion. It is elastic, waterproof and does not break, whatever the situation. The result is indistinguishable from new. Do you want to buy Angelus paint? There are many different Angelus leather paints in the range. The Angelus leather paint category falls under: Angelus Standard, we have told quite a lot about this. We also have Angelus Metallic, for a Galaxy effect. Angelus Neon, for extra striking color. Angelus Pearlescent, for multiple shine. Angelus Collector’s Edition, with special edition colors. Angelus Glitterlites, for if you are a fan of shimmer. In addition, there are several leather dye kit for when you want to purchase a larger quantity of paint. We offer it through these sets for an appropriate price, so that you do not pay too much for good quality.

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