This ship management software gives you a comprehensive overview of various duties

Probably maintenance is the most important task to be performed for ensured safety on ships. This is especially true for large vessel that spend most time in the ocean. These ships are far more complex and are subjected to some of the harshest environments that Mother Nature can throw at them. Proper ship management software by Mastex Software helps you regulate maintenance activities, inspections and routine tasks. The ship management system offers a clear overview of the performed and outstanding actions, as well as an accurate registration of the running hours of your ship. Better insight in the activities aboard your ship allows you to fine-tune and work more efficient. Interested in saving costs while maximizing results? Request a free demo at Mastex Software.

Categorize your ship’s activities by using the latest ship management software

The work processes that take place on ships are mostly compiled of day-to-day tasks that include inspecting, maintaining, operating and the routinely checking of various matters. Ship management software that allows you to categorize these activities in a clear and user-friendly manner, will greatly improve the efficiency of your fleet. Each task can be set to completion and is created based on operating hours, time or both. The ship management system by Mastex Software carefully registers every completed action so you end up with a clear overview of when which task was checked as completed. Structuring your fleet management is important in a world where shipping is constantly getting bigger, more advanced and always subjected to change.

Experience the benefits of this ship management system by requesting a free demo

Do you find it easy choosing a ship management system? It might be more challenging than you think. Not only do you have to think about cost, it must also be easy to use. This requires the assistance of a developer with lots of experience in ship management software. A developer that knows what you need. And a developer that realizes that you are in the business of shipping, not IT. That is why you ought to try the free demo by Mastex Software. By using this demo, you can experience the full benefits of this ship management system in person. Start optimizing the management of your fleet today! Organize vessel maintenance.