Your partner for VAT registration France? RM Boulanger UK

When you want to sell to consumers above the VAT treshold in France you need to register for VAT in France (companie search withe the searchword ‘VAT registration France’ in the UK. Since France is a Member State of the European Union VAT isn’t an issue anymore? Sorry, but this is a misunderstanding. Everytime you sell above the treshold from another country to France you also need to apply for a French VAT number. The rules of VAT in Europe and the individual countries are changing al the time, so you have to be a professional VAT expert to understand what is going on. It doesn’t stop with the registration. At the moment the French authorities have granted your VAT number you have to do your monthly submission and informat what amount will be paid to the French Tax Administration. And be in time otherwise you will get penalties. Like every country the French administration needs a lot of money! What companies have to register for VAT in France – When you do cross border selling from France to other companies in the EU – When you want to export from France – You don’t want to pay import VAT – You sell to private people (consumers) in France France has three different rates of VAT. You have the standard rate of 20%, 5,5% for food and basic services and 10% of others.

The VAT registration in France is pretty complex and needs constant follow up. And when you expand your business to other Member States aswell then it becomes even more complex. There for you need a local representative in each Member State. A company with the expertise in al the 28 EU Member States is RM Boulanger, based in the VAT compliance HUB of Europe. Al the experts are concentrated in one building that is created for this specific need. To get your French VAT number you just have to write an email or call RM Boulanger. You will get you local specialist. You can dail from the UK the local Phone number for VAT related or EORI questions. The expertise is just one Mouse click away. So consider what it will cost you in terms of time and energy to organize it yourself. Better is to work with RM Boulanger to avoid al kind of penalties. It is not enough to just register, because every month you have to do the VAT reporting. RM Boulanger can handle this for you too.

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